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Post  Karnage on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:34 pm

Name: Sam G. Aragones

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Timezone/Location: Philippines GMT+8

What skills/talents can you share in the community and Why Should we pick you as a GM??
•Well first of all im a responsible person and knows how to handle a situation
that normally happens in MMO's.
•I am responsible in my acts or what i did right/wrong
•I am wise, i decide things before doing them cause it might cause bad or shit.
•I am a model to everyone that will teach them how to act right.
•I am a good listener,analyzer and of course follower.
•I know GM things and stuffs im experienced :3
•I know how to prevent penya/perin bugs ingame

Experience being a staff in other servers?
I got lots of experience in being GM in caali v11 servers up to official , and i also became a
part of staff in 7 servers already in v14's , I think i got enough knowledge to share it in here.

Times Available?
I can go 15 hours a day , and that's everday :p even in weekends
Might not be available during occasions.

Yahoo Msg: dark_amity09
Gmail: shoxing.shox@gmail.com
and.. Here in forum ofc. Razz

More About Me :3
Well uhm Yea my name is sam i live in Bulacan , San Jose Del Monte
I got a dog named trishy and.. , another dog named twiggy
I like hamburgers and pizzas , apple juice and hot choco
I hate people who hates me
I hate sarcastic people

Well Thanks for reading... Cool



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