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Post  Fretless on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:26 pm

Hey, The names Deven Corella. I'm applying for the position of GM for several reasons.

To start I am in no way new to GM'ing for servers. I have GM'ed on several Maplestory(aswell as I have made several), Lineage 2, Rose Online, and FlyFF servers most notably LanzFlyFF. Also I apply because I have a lot of spare time on my hands and if you wish to inquire more about my schedule feel free to ask.

I can GM for this server better than most because I have a creative mind. When I'm not gaming and even sometimes when I am I write and play music. I'm an extremely sociable person and I like to just hang around and talk to others. I never pick favorites and I mean that seriously. I had a girlfriend of mine play on a server I GM'ed for and I treated her no differently than anyone else. Same with how I treat my brother when ever he plays my servers. He is just another player and no higher than anyone else.

So if you want me to GM for your server I would be honored in doing so.


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